Illustrations by Kalina Hanson


Adult Fantasy
114,500 words

Four magicians separated by time must work to stop an immortal feud from scorching their world … again.

Khepri isn’t the best thief, but stealing from the temple of a missing deity seems easy. No one’s seen the living gods since a magic explosion scorched half the continent — or so she believes, until she’s caught red handed by the God of Death. In exchange for her life, she must help him seal away a man-eating demon who’d rather see the divines dead than exiled. To avoid becoming a meal, Khepri must master the god’s magic, though his charms may prove equally perilous.

Six hundred years later in the modern world, Estelle — professional alchemist, passable magician, proud dragon-cat mom — yearns to escape the shadow of her criminal family. When her city is rocked by an explosion eerily resembling the one that banished the gods, Estelle becomes a prime suspect thanks to the untimely arrival of an incriminating package from her father. Stuffed inside: magical diagrams written by a Death God not seen for centuries. On the run from the law, Estelle must clear her name by teaming up with her ex (who she might still have feelings for) and hunting down the true culprit, pitting her against divines and beasts who are supposed to be myth.

Though separated by time, Khepri and Estelle become players in an immortal feud that nearly destroyed the world once already. If Estelle can’t uncover how their stories connect, history will repeat itself.