Adult Fantasy
In Progress

A Void-heist gone wrong lands Fi as sacrifice to a carnivorous immortal. To avoid becoming a meal, she must help take down his rival who betrayed them both. But a simple deal turns murky the more she’s tempted to let him put his fangs on her.

Fi has carved out a career as a cross-dimensional smuggler by sticking to a few simple rules: keep your routes secret, always draw your energy sword first, and at all costs, avoid the Daeyari, carnivorous immortals who’ve ruled the territories for millennia. When she’s hired to smuggle a bomb into a capital city, instinct tells her the risk isn’t worth the pay, but the entreaty of a long-lost friend and former lover guilts her into accepting.

Then the heist goes terribly wrong, and Fi is thrown at the feet of the Daeyari lord, Antal, as payment.

Antal is a predator, cold and cunning and furious at Fi for her part in the attack on his city. Her saving grace is a common enemy. He’ll spare her if she helps unseat the rival immortal who masterminded this scheme. To save her life, her family, and the village she calls home, Fi must join Antal on a new heist with higher stakes than a payout, bartering with neighboring immortals who might offer alliance — or tear their throats out in the snow.

But the greatest risks lurk the closest. As Fi grows to see her new partner as more man than monster, trusting him could be the edge they need to win their revenge — so long as Antal doesn’t sacrifice her to reclaim his own power.